About Me

Girl Silhouette

Hello Strangers,

What do u wanna know ’bout me eh?

I am a simple arrogant crazy clumsy girl who has seen a lot of stuff and ultimately realized that this world is like a jigsaw puzzle. When the pieces are not in place,  you crave to put them into places. And when you put all the pieces, you find the bitter truth of life. *hail to the truth*

I love Fashion Designing and had a dream to have my own Boutique ( yeah I know its going be just a dream *Sob*) and currently working on my Glamour & Fashion related website, Glamzzle – The Glamorous Magazine.

I write when I am in my own cocoon of isolation and my mind is full of junk and crap and hence thats what comes in my writing. My partner in my cocoon is music which helps me cope all my mood LALALALALALALALA :).

I am a very mishap making person and i fall into a lot daily accidents and frankly I am the one who invites those accidents. I am that farmer who drops his axe on his foot LOL LOL LOL . Hey I aint a farmer 😛

I guess for now that should be all from my side.

Other Sites I Own
GlamzzleThe Glamorous Magazine
AshScrapYardScraps Of My Words

Cya laters..
*smiles and winks*

*Simply aiSha*

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Aisha, Your picture ‘Old, Shattered Library,’ is one of our new Facebook cover images. Your name features prominently in both images we posted to our FB page Lost Book Productions. We also started a blog here so that we could contact you. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    • Oh 🙂 That feels like an honor to have my image as your Facebook cover page. If I had an FB account I would have sure made all my friends check it out, but I am not much of a social worm. Your page looks great and I also loved the value you are trying to keep alive. Good luck 🙂

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