Devil With The Playing Cards…

Devil Holding Ace In Hands

The devil with the playing card in his hands representing that the game is in the devils hand. He knows when to make his moves and he definitely knows how to win.

But are we smart enough to defeat him in his own game?

3 thoughts on “Devil With The Playing Cards…

  1. Miss Aisha. I am not sure the best way to contact you, so I hope this is an appropriate place. I love this image and wanted to ask permission to use it. I play a card game, and for a while now I have been trying to find a shocking and unique playmat. Something that people just have to take a second look at. I have found a company which will print custom playmats. I would like your permission to modify the cards in your skeleton’s hand and have inkedplaymats print one, and only one playmat. I would absolutely keep your logo on the corner and give you the credit should anyone ask. I completely understand if this is a request you cannot honor due to your own creative integrity. Thanks for considering and I look forward to hearing from you. – Jared

    • Please go ahead 🙂 and use it as you feel like. I would like to make clear though that I do not own the image technically speaking. So, the logo can come off too. I would be happy if the image comes as a help to you. Good luck and prosper.

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